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Brand Development


Nifty was hired by Naturespace Holographic Audio to define and establish its brand and create an engaging eCommerce website that showcased their revolutionary nature soundscapes.

Naturespace Holographic Audio’s unique products required a brand identity and online presence that would reflect its true pioneering nature. Nifty crafted a strategy that emphasized Naturespace’s core tenant: unwavering dedication to creating the most spatially accurate recordings of immersive natural environments to help create a calm and balanced mental state.

Key elements of the brand strategy included a logo that incorporated natural elements while hinting at the technological sophistication of Naturespace’s recordings, and a compelling brand message that highlighted Naturespace’s commitment to providing the highest quality recordings available. Do you see the tree and leaves along with the headphones?

Nifty designed and developed the custom eCommerce platform that showcased Naturespace’s holographic recordings and underscored the progressive nature of Naturespace’s products. The website featured bright, wide aspect-ratio imagery for a cinematic experience that evoked the beauty and serenity of natural environments users get by listening to these one-of-a-kind experiences.


Naturespace Holographic Audio


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