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Brand Development


AmberLeaf turned to Nifty to design and develop a transformative brand identity and digital presence, reflecting its commitment to delivering exceptional value in its approach to data science to clients across various industries. The project included the creation of a distinctive logo, stationery, and the design and development of an informative and user-friendly website. The result was a powerful representation of AmberLeaf’s expertise in helping businesses seamlessly draw out and leverage actionable business insights from their client’s profoundly complex data assets.

Nifty recognized the importance of a creating an approachable visual identity to balance the technical nature of the business and communicate the ease in which it was able to parse vast amounts of customer data to empower companies to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and develop innovative strategies to drive business success. The newly crafted logo embodied this approach and communicates a sense of ease and fluency.

A cornerstone of this project was the design and development of a dynamic website that effectively conveyed AmberLeaf’s core principles and services through case studies and whitepapers. The website was meticulously designed to not only showcase the firm’s expertise but also to provide a seamless user experience. It served as a hub of information, offering insights into AmberLeaf’s methodologies, industries served, and business impact.




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